things that are important to me: derek hale hiding in a boy’s locker room, waiting, thinking “ok scott says this kid has anger issues, how do i bring that out? maybe i should steal his stick. would that make him mad? i’m gonna steal his stick, then i’m gonna hide his stick, steal another stick, and break that stick to make him think i broke his stick” nodding to himself, thinking “ok, then how do i make my entrance” and deciding that he’s going to drag the stolen lacrosse stick that he’s pretending is liam’s across the metal caging around the lockers to make a creepy noise AND THEN, still waiting for liam to come in, derek thinking “okay i know how i’m gonna make him mad and i know how i’m gonna make my entrance but what’s the first thing i say to him” and he blanks, he totally doesn’t know, holy fuck holy fuck liam’s coming in, there he is, TIME FOR DEREK’S ENTRANCE AND HE STILL DOESN’T KNOW—- “is this yours?” he asks.

fucking nailed it, derek.


Derek Hale for President of the Scott McCall Fanclub!


perfect angel baby goalie + fans




7/19/14: “What was that experience like, to get to share (winning the Stanley Cup) with (your daughter Mia)?”

Hossa miming stuffing his daughter into the Stanley Cup may be the lasting image I bring away with me from this year’s Convention.


Mushishi Zoku Shou

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" In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water."

why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop loling

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Salem mayor has put her money where her mouth is over local college’s LBGT bigotry

Earlier this summer, Kim Driscoll, the first female mayor of Salem, Mass., pulled funding from Gordon College, a small, Christian liberal arts school located outside Boston. The school had cosponsored a letter to President Obama asking for a religious exemption to his executive order to end employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. 
What Mayor Kim Driscoll did about it | Follow micdotcom


Salem mayor has put her money where her mouth is over local college’s LBGT bigotry

Earlier this summer, Kim Driscoll, the first female mayor of Salem, Mass., pulled funding from Gordon College, a small, Christian liberal arts school located outside Boston. The school had cosponsored a letter to President Obama asking for a religious exemption to his executive order to end employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. 

What Mayor Kim Driscoll did about it | Follow micdotcom


"My precious"


"My precious"

"We don’t change, we don’t get better at this."



"can we see a rematch of the danceoff?"

7/19/14: “Do you guys ever do sleepovers when you guys go to hotels?”

stevecarlsberg said:  at the wtnv panel on thursday july 24, will you guys be selling posters? i wanted to get one signed at the autograph booth but wasn't sure if i would be able to buy one in san diego or if i should bring one from home. thanks!!


We will have an EXCLUSIVE WTNV poster sold throughout the whole weekend (and at the panel)!

Here’s a picture of the poster chilling on some boxes too, just so you get an idea of how big this gorgeous print is!

We will have so much more merch being sold at both the panel and at the TopatoCo booth (#1229!), so look out for a post detailing that soon as well. Hope this answered to all of your needs.

That is the best poster I’ve seen yet. Now I wanna know what the shirt looks like. <3


Oh Dashcon No 



it’s come to light that the ‘net 30’ terms that were described by a member of DashCon’s upper management weren’t correct. Whether that misinformation was deliberate or accidental, we can’t say for sure.

first bolding: weaselly passive phrasing, diffusing culpability onto vague third party (that scoundrel!)

second bolding: insinuating there was sabotage in a really transparently sleazy way.

We can only say that we’ve taken measures to remove the person who handled that situation from our company.

vague third party thrown under the bus—“we” took care of “the person”. iirc this happens 3 times in the statement.

Additionally, it was suggested that the Renaissance Schaumburg had denigrated our attendees, saying that they didn’t like the ‘type of clientele’ our event brought in. That has since been proven 100% untrue. When two of the Con Heads were told by the third that such a thing had been said or otherwise insinuated, it wasn’t wholly unbelievable—as it’s happened to so many other events in the past

first and second bolding: weasel words again. who suggested it? the vague third party takes another hit, admins still blameless.

third bolding: this whole thing reeks but i want to draw your attention to the way this staffer frequently suggests malicious shit may be going down to hurt the con spirit. never enough to have to defend it, just little remarks here and there.

—and, in our state of panic, we believed what we were told,

told by whom? darn that vague third party! it’s all xir fault!

therein passing it along to our attendees. DashCon’s sincerest apologies go out to everyone who was hurt by this statement, including our attendees, vendors, staff members, and everyone at both the Renaissance Schaumburg and their parent company, Marriott International.

the first indefensible fuckup so far. now, notice how the apology is solid as shit and reads like a PR script. someone got some stern professional advice, is my guess.

If you donated cash and would like it returned, please also let us know by 11:59pm EST on Saturday, July 19, 2014.

it took them six days to hire a lawyer to protect them respond to the complaints, but you only get til the 19th to get your money back because time is of the essence. mm-hm.

Please send an email with “Cash Donation Refund” in the subject line. Within the body of the email, please include your full name, phone number, Invoice ID from your badge purchase [to verify your ability to have been in attendance], and the amount you donated.

Reminder: the cash was collected in bags, and receipts were either optional or nonexistent. most of these people were teenagers opening their wallets.

Upon advice of our legal counsel, we have been instructed to sort through claims, try and determine legitimacy [based on total amount claimed versus total amount received], and make an informed decision about potential refunds in coordination with both legal and accounting at that time.

translation: you can kiss your cash goodbye. also note how when the refund comes up, the lawyer is suddenly invoked twice in a single sentence. very intimidating!

Even if you’ve already emailed or invoiced us about your donation, please do so again in the above described manner to ensure we don’t miss your claim.

jump through the hoop again!

Any claims made after 11:59pm EST on Saturday, July 19, 2014 will be disregarded. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but there must be a hard cut-off in order for us to properly sort through claims.


Thank you again to everyone who helped us out. You have no idea how impressive and touching it was to see what can be accomplished in such a short time. We never expected to have to do anything of this sort, and your support was overwhelming to all who witnessed it. You have our eternal gratitude.

notice how they slather on the praise immediately after the bad news. playing on loyalty and the spirit of community. pretty good work there.

As reported by the Baker Street Babes, they did mention speaking to their lawyer. For the record, this was not what sparked our action, though.

beautiful thinly-veiled defensiveness. they don’t dare talk shit about the talent, but they can put in teensy little hints that shit went down but they’re Too Professional to do more than drop in allusions to it.

Why did you consistently give false information to the committees which helped plan Dashcon, including misinformation about where their fundraising money would go? 

ooh, some answers!

While we at DashCon didn’t want to blatantly skip over this question, we would require significantly more information to properly address this question to our best ability.

NOPE! dodged like a matrix bullet. 

the entire rest of the ‘official statement’ is a complete trainwreck. the story of what happened with WTNV is particularly cringeworthy and the author can’t seem to resist adding little emotional flourishes to the writing that make the apologies seem sort of conditional.

it’s worth reading. watch for the switches from vague, passive language (“nouns were verbed” followed by no elaboration) to hyper-specific PR-speak with names being named (billy jones did this thing that was bad at 04:13:45 pm EST). it’s pretty interesting to see that it mainly happens when subtle personal blame is being assigned.

i will leave you with this:


It has been confirmed that this rule was changed to reflect WTNV seats mid-event, but other rules render any change to #21 moot regardless.

  • #25: The Schedule is subject to change at any time, even during the convention.
  • Last line on the Rules and Policies page: “DashCon reserves the right to change these rules at any time, and attendees are responsible for their own individual knowledge of the convention rules.”

damn, man.

DashCon has been instructed that refunding the reserved seats in direct opposition with our rules would call into question all of our rules and policies. We are both saddened by and understanding of this stance. Potentially losing the enforcement of all of our rules and policies is not something we can risk now or at any time in the future. For anyone who has questions regarding this decision, we will [upon request] direct you to our legal counsel.

aaand they lawyered up. 

you almost have to respect their audacity for going with an explanation that boils down to “we can’t refund you because while you were waiting for the panel that never happened we added rules that say we can’t refund you!”

that takes guts. so does ending the shitshow with this:



please please PLEASE rethink your choices if you’re planning on attending next year.



(the whole press release can be found here)



I liked Slodwick’s design for this Welcome to Night Vale board game so much that I decided to make a fully playable physical version with a box, tray, and three dimensional pieces. (The box is made of plywood covered in a faux leather vinyl and felt.)

I changed up a few things like the color of the money (matching traditional Monopoly colors except for the $500 bill which I made purple) and the obelisk/pyramid buildings. Since these would have been too difficult for me to make out of wood, I made the obelisks condos (black cubes) and changed the pyramids back to hotels (like those you’d find in an original Monopoly game). For the game tokens, I attached Slodwick’s images onto a piece of PVC pipe (spray painted black) on top of a piece of felt. I also designed and wrote up my own instruction book to match Monopoly rules more closely while still keeping some of Slodwick’s Night Vale flavor.

As a finishing touch, I etched a Night Vale eye out of a brass plate, spray painted it black, and sanded the raised surface, giving it an interesting aged look. Overall, I think the project turned out quite well.

Here are some more pictures I took of the project.